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Ocean City, NJ. Not quite tropical, but our little slice of paradise. We have this little town to thank for its endless support, directly through our passionate clients, and indirectly through their enthusiastic customers.

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the element of supply

Summer is HOT. Winter is COLD. Businesses have to strike while the island is hot. Acknowledging the importance of timing and proper development, we help our partners prepare for the moments that matter most.
Here are various faces of the elevated sand heap we love to call home.
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Creative Director

It takes one who can understand the daily operations, trials, and gratifications of small-business to keep your name properly represented. Eric Plyler strives to do just that.

Eric's passion for branding began as an appreciation of relating to those around him. Hand printing one-off tees for high school friends in California was his first experience seeing his designs co-existing with the lives of others.

Shortly after moving to Ocean City, New Jersey in 2011, Eric launched Coastal Collaboration, a grassroots brand showcasing the similar and unique characteristics between the East and West surf communities. An overwhelming local acceptance and global social media following proved the brand successful in connecting talents around the world.

When opportunities to work with local businesses became frequent, the decision to pursue his craft full-time was natural.

Plyler Premium was officially formed, and now works closely with individuals, businesses and teams on creating looks that support their unique stories,

Looking for a fresh take on your branding?

Keep your focus on those operations, and let Eric take care of the rest.

A reliable and enthusiastic guide for overcoming strategical challenges with visually compelling branding systems.
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